A Great Birthday =)

Hi all!

I just wanted to make a quick post about how great of a birthday I had last Friday. I was able to take the day off work, we had our 28-week check-up at UnityPoint Meriter hospital, and I got to spend a good part of the day coding, as well as watching a TV show with my wife.

I’ve looked at the pictures from the Ultrasound almost every other day, but today I just got so excited about the .mp4 here, that I just had to post it!

Our little girl at 28 weeks!

And of course, here’s the picture of my favorite little Shiny Shuckle. As some may already know, Shuckle has become my favorite Pokemon. That favoritism was amplified one time, maybe earlier this year, when @amt bred a Shiny (blue) Shuckle for me in Pokemon Sword.

Shiny Shuckle knit

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COVID-19: Time is Weird….

Hi Folks! I was hoping to get a quick update in here, to sort of fill in some BIG gaps in time. Admittedly, I’ve lost the logins to our wordpress server, and I’ve taken far longer than I should’ve to remote in and figure out how to update my password in the database.

In any case, it’s so exciting to me how quickly this year has moved, and how much we’ve grown as individuals, as well as a couple this year. Whilst working from home has had it’s up and downs, I couldn’t be more thankful for the fact that both Ann-Marie and myself have been able to work mostly remote through-out the year.

I’m posting a quick little highlight reel!

  • We started attending our first Alpha group together
  • We started working from home
  • We capped out at level 110 in WoW (lol)
  • I proposed!!! (no, thankfully I could not fly to Houston to propose to @amt, and it happened in a place much nearer and dearer to our hearts)
This may or may not be a staged photo after I proposed in the wrong place for the photographer… I panicked, but either way, she said
  • We found our favorite food
Crab legs
  • …and made many occasional trips to local Madison Zoo
Our favorite are the rescued Grizzly brothers

We still have (2) big updates incoming, but decided they deserve their own posts on their own!