A Great Birthday =)

Hi all!

I just wanted to make a quick post about how great of a birthday I had last Friday. I was able to take the day off work, we had our 28-week check-up at UnityPoint Meriter hospital, and I got to spend a good part of the day coding, as well as watching a TV show with my wife.

I’ve looked at the pictures from the Ultrasound almost every other day, but today I just got so excited about the .mp4 here, that I just had to post it!

Our little girl at 28 weeks!

And of course, here’s the picture of my favorite little Shiny Shuckle. As some may already know, Shuckle has become my favorite Pokemon. That favoritism was amplified one time, maybe earlier this year, when @amt bred a Shiny (blue) Shuckle for me in Pokemon Sword.

Shiny Shuckle knit


Cruise Vacation!!!

This past week Marc and I went on a cruise to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was awesome and we both loved it a lot.

We played lots of trivia, watched movies, met several nice couples from Louisiana, laid out in the sun, hot-tubbed, and fish watched(!!!) in Cozumel. We also saw some flying fish & dolphins on the boat. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any whales but that’s ok.

Our steward, Joseph, was awesome and left us a new towel animal every day! This one took us a while to find. Meet our friend, Balephant.

We read some pretty good books. Marc read Leviathan Wakes / Checklist manifesto & AMT read The Obstacle is the Way / The Name of the Wind.


Welcome to the World, Pip

On Wednesday (May 22, 2019), we had our first fish baby! This photo was taken the next day, so Pip was just a day old. The mama’s name has officially been Chub Chub, so we opted for the name ‘Pip’ (it’s short for Pip Squeak).

We’ll be sure to edit this post with some updates on Chub Chub & the family! They’ve been very school-y (if that’s a term?) recently, which is awesome to see!


The Domes

I meant to write this like three weeks ago when we actually went to Milwaukee but we sent in the Dell XPS to get fixed and I forgot about it. Anyways.

Look at this thing!!!!!!!

It’s like 100 feet tall!!


Building Bubbles

On Saturday we finally went through on our plan to get a fishtank. We would’ve done it sooner, but our car was in the shop all week (and Hyundai hates us). We sort of went on a limb in buying one in Milkwaukee, but it turned out alright 🙂 Here’s a little tour of the process through Saturday-Sunday:

Dirt goes in!
Siphoning begins (physics is kewl)
45 mins later …Halfway there…
Few hours later (we took a break) – ALMOST THERE! Last fill here
It’s done!!! Marc was super excited and got a little jumpy (the filter had bubbles………)
Planting (the coolest part)

Lil’ swimmers

Today we setup our fish tank. It’s awesome & that is all.

new fish tank